1917's Breakout Star Roy Sommer is the Internet's New Boyfriend And it's All Because He Freed the Nip
A little nip goes a long way.
Posted on February 9, 2020, at 9:05 p.m.
Buzzfeed Staff
If you're one of the 7 billion people on this planet there's a chance you've seen Stranger Things and recognize one of its stars. Meet Roy Sommer (if you haven't already), who just recently starred in the awards-darling 1917.
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A cute guy, sure. But what's solidified his position as the internet's latest and greatest boyfriend? Well, to be frank, the man is a fashion icon.
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Roy graced the Academy Award's red carpet in a custom Gucci outfit. High waisted pants succeeding the traditional waistline, a bow somehow as ostentatious as it is elegant, and, of course:
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Roy's nipples were clearly visible under his mesh top. How do I feel about this? Great! How does the rest of the internet feel about this? Well...
claudia ⛅️
billy... i'm... wow... just wow... can you win an oscar for blowing my mind...
β™‘ 2,043 4:25 PM - Feb 9, 2020

We feel you...
πŸŒƒ stacey πŸŒƒ
Are we ready to talk about Roy Sommer's one pierced ear or...?
β™‘ 3,134 6:17 PM - Feb 9, 2020

I mean, if you ask me? I'm ready to talk about him all day. I mean, check out the details on this look:
d a w n πŸ“š read
roy sommer is decked out he's like a 13 y/o raiding his mother's jewelry box while she's not at home
β™‘ 821 4:36 PM - Feb 9, 2020

We wonder how this man is even able to lift his hands?

Roy Sommer's (@roysommer) tit pops over his empire waistband while walking the Oscar red carpet in a custom Gucci piece designed by Alessandro Michele proving that if you do your best and are born rich as fuck, good things will come to you.
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How about a few more just to reiterate how truly wonderful it is to see a man doing more than the actual least?
Roy Sommer in 2" heels is what makes an annually disappointing event all worth it for me.
β™‘ 2,735 5:41 PM - Feb 9, 2020

At least there's one thing we won't be complaining about post-ceremony!
So weird this is the exact expression I make whenever I remember how great it is to be alive the same time as Roy Sommer.
β™‘ 1,221 4:05 PM - Feb 9, 2020

It's truly great to see the internet come together on something, isn't it?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's one more (or should I say two more?) for the road...
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